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Full Stack Web Development – Free Online Training

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About this course

Introduction to HTML and HTML

HTML Basic tags
HTML Block, Table and Design Layout
HTML Form, Form Elements and Input Attributes
HTML5 Multimedia


Introduction to CSS
CSS syntax
CSS Elements & Attributes
Integrate CSS with HTML
CSS Layout
CSS Selectors
CSS Box Model
CSS Pseudo classes & Elements
Creating Image gallery and Navigation Bar Using CSS
Introduction to CSS3
CSS3 Attributes
CSS3 Effects
Convert a PSD or Image file into HTML


Bootstrap Introduction & Installation
Bootstrap Grid System
Bootstrap Components
Bootstrap media query
PSD to Bootstrap

JavaScript and jQuery

JavaScript Introduction
JavaScript Syntax & variables
JavaScript Expression and Operators
JavaScript Condition, looping and Functions
JavaScript Array and object
jQuery Intro
jQuery and HTML
jQuery Selector
jQuery Effects

WordPress Basics and Advanced WordPress Customization

Introduction to WordPress
Installation of WordPress
Deployment in Cpanel
Files and Folders Structure
Ideas on Pages, Posts, Categories, Tags and Taxonomies
Widget, Media and Plugins integration
Popup and other automations integration
WordPress Free Themes Customization
WordPress Premium Themes Customization
Landing page design and E-commerce Site development
Web Development Life Cycle (WDLC)

Introduce with Freelancing Marketplace

Local Industry and International Marketplace Introduction
Profile creation and Portfolio development
Branding as a Freelancer
Writing Professional Cover letter and Buyer request
Projects handling techniques
Biding policies and Communication Skill development

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