Data Entry & Power Point Crash Course – Free Online Training
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Data Entry & Power Point Crash Course – Free Online Training

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About this course

Excel Courses

  • Microsoft Excel Course Introduction
  • Microsoft Excel Fundamentals
  • Entering and Editing Text and Formulas
  • Working with Basic Excel Functions
  • Modifying an Excel Worksheet
  • Formatting Data in an Excel Worksheet
  • Inserting Images and Shapes into an Excel Worksheet
  • Creating Basic Charts in Excel
  • Printing an Excel Worksheet
  • Working with Excel Templates
  • Working with an Excel List
  • Excel List Functions
  • Excel Data Validation
  • Importing and Exporting Data
  • Excel PivotTables
  • Working with Excel’s PowerPivot Tools
  • Working with Large Sets of Excel Data
  • Congratulations! You’re an Intermediate Excel User
  • Working with Excel’s Conditional Functions
  • Working with Excel’s Lookup Functions
  • Working with Excel’s Text Based Functions
  • Auditing an Excel Worksheet
  • Protecting Excel Worksheets and Workbooks
  • Mastering Excel’s “What If?” Tools
  • Automating Repetitive Tasks in Excel with Macros
  • Microsoft Excel Macros and VBA Course Introduction
  • Excel VBA Concepts
  • Project #1: Moving Beyond the Basics and into VBA
  • Project #2: Preparing and Cleaning Up Data with a Little VBA

Introduce with Freelancing Marketplace

  • Local Industry and International Marketplace Introduction
  • Profile creation and Portfolio development
  • Branding as a Freelancer
  • Writing Professional Cover letter and Buyer request
  • Projects handling techniques
  • Biding policies and Communication Skill development


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